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  • Our programs are used by us, we aren't just another company selling a product. We have successfully used our programs on many students, and we see what works and what doesn't. Also, our students often make very useful suggestions, which results in a kid-friendly program that is well liked by other kids.

  • Our programs are fast paced; we want the student to learn to decode quickly since reading is so important. We don't want to draw out the process more than is absolutely necessary. In fact, studies have shown that the faster an intensive phonics program is implemented, the better.

  • Our programs are simple in that you don't have to purchase multiple books or materials. Libraries are filled with wonderful books, and we want the student to develop a love of reading. What better way than to read materials that the student finds interesting. We know we can't do better than the many accomplished authors and illustrators who are experts in their fields. The workbook is all you need.

  • We know that today's students are tech savvy, which is why we created on-line web apps (also available on itunes). Our programs have the workbook component as well as these free apps. These fun games will get your students on board with learning!

  • Children learn best through play, so in addition to our apps, we also offer physical games (card games and board games). We also have free printables available for this purpose.

  • And lastly, our programs are affordable. You simply cannot find an Orton-Gillingham program for less. Check out our reviews on Amazon!

What makes our programs different?


Our affordable programs are less than $35.00 per book.

(bulk rates as low as $13.25)


For just the cost of the book, you get:

1) on-line flash cards  2) audio dictations and, 3) fun on-line games


Available at Amazon

Click on the image to go to the book's detail page and to view lesson samples.

* Classroom books are only available    through a bulk order through our site.

 I Can Read Books - Ages 5 & 6           Blast Off to Reading - Ages 7 to 13          Blast Off for the classroom          A Workbook for Dyslexics, 3rd Ed. - Ages 13+  





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